Panda Warriors is a utility-based NFT collection, living on the Solana Blockchain, each asset is hand-drawn from scratch by a talented group of artists. Every art piece present on our website is hand-drawn by us. Each Panda Warrior is your lucky NFTicket, that will grow in value every phase of the Panda Warriors project development. Be a part of our journey full of adventures and fun.

Invite friends to Panda Warriors and earn 0.119 SOL for every NFT mint with your invite code

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10% royalty from the secondary sales. 100% of Royalties collected in the Community Royalty Pool. Royalty Pool will be used for the community growth, project development and awesome airdrops.


PW NFT is your lucky NFTicket to enter the Raffle and win prizes. 12 Raffle Games will be played during 12 months after collection is sold out. 1 NFT = 12 Entries.


100 Lucky Panda Warriors holders will be airdropped upcoming Panda Friends NFTs. Panda Friends coming with a purpose...


The Treasure Crypto Box will be filled with 2000 sol (once all 10,000 Panda Warriors has been successfully minted). Community Treasury will be reinvested in buying Virtual Lands & Virtual Estate in the Top Metaverses and highly-potential projects. By holding a Panda Warrior, you will be able to get benefits of owning a part of a Virtual Land in multiple Metaverses + other ongoing benefits.


Grant access to new high-potential NFT projects first, receive airdrops and get whitelisted, by holding Panda Warriors.


Holders will get exclusive access to the FX Sniper Academy (learn crypto, forex trading), NFT calls for upcoming projects and other tools.

Coming Soon...


Panda Warriors NFT Collection is generated out of 240 different hand-drawn traits. Some traits are rarer than others, classifying all Panda Warriors rarity from common, uncommon, rare to super rare. There are only 12 unique 1 of 1 Panda Warriors NFTs that having 100% exclusive combination of traits, making them one-of-a-kind pieces. The traits include background, body skin, bodywear, eyes, ears, hat, mouth shape, mouth accessories, tools. Soon after minting, you will be able to check the rarity score of your Panda Warriors and find out how rare your Panda Warrior is.


Artists Team

Project Management Team

Blockchain Devs Team

Marketing Team

Our international team is a synergy of professional artists, experienced blockchain developers, web developers, project management team, marketing team, discord and social media team - all working hard to make sure our Panda Warriors Community is getting the best experience and benefits, making our project one-of-a-kind. Our team is constantly expanding along with the project and the community.


When Panda Warriors can be mine?
The Launch Day will be announced on Twitter, Discord and on the official Panda Warriors Website. Stay Tuned not to miss!
How to Get Panda Warriors NFT for FREE?
If you are a true Panda Warrior and wish to adopt your Panda Warrior before a Minting Day, you can get your Panda Warrior for FREE by participating in our GIVEAWAYS on Twitter and Discord. All you need to do is stay active, comment. share, retweet, and let’s grow our Panda Warriors Community together
What “Associates Program” is about and how I can benefit?
The Associate Program was created as a way to stimulate consistent community growth and reward active Warriors (Leaders) who believes in our future and contributes to the community the most. We want every single member, who spread the word about Panda Warriors organically, to be rewarded. Share the information about PW with your friends and get 10% from each NFT mint with your unique code instantly to your wallet on a day of a private/public minting. It doesn’t stop there, once 100% PW Warriors are minted, top community leaders (who got the most amount of mints) will be Rewarded. If you joined our community later, you can still participate in PW Associates Program and build your way to become a Community Leader. This will always be beneficial. You can learn more about it in our discord by visiting the [Affiliate Channel].
What is a Public Mint Price?
Mint Price is 1.19 SOL.
Is there a PRE-SALE?
Special early adopters price 1 SOL. If you would like to mint more PWs, you can still participate in a Public Mint.
Where will Panda Warriors Live?
Our Panda Warriors will live on Solana Blockchain - a beautiful place with low gas fees, fast transactions and huge growth potential. All Panda Warriors NFTs images are safely stored on the Arweave forever.
Why should I HODL my Panda Warriors after minting?
Hodling your Panda Warriors will grant access to the following rewards (read details in BENEFITS):

  • 100% Royalty Pool
  • Treasure Box
  • Monthly Raffle Games
  • Panda Friends Rewards
  • PW Launchpad
  • And other ongoing rewards...
How many Panda Warriors can I mint?
Each wallet can mint up to 5 PW per wallet and max 5 PW per transaction.
Will Panda Warriors be listed on the secondary market?
Yes! Once minting of all Panda Warriors is completed, a secondary marketplace will open its doors for you to trade your PWs. Soon after 100% minting, our own PW Marketplace will be open! Stay Tuned.
How to regulate the floor price on the Secondary market?
To ensure the floor price is stable and not dropping below the mint price, Panda Warriors NFTs that were listed below the minting price on the secondary market will be bought - back. Don’t rush to sell your Panda Warrior below its value, not to miss bigger rewards in a long run. Other measures to stimulate a healthy floor price will be implemented as well. Panda Warrior’s holders that have active listings below mint price (below 1.5 sol) on a secondary market, will not be eligible for the benefits listed above (monthly raffle games, airdrops, royalty pool bonus)
Who is behind the project?
Our international team is a synergy of talented artists, experienced developers, business development professionals, marketers and moderators - all working hard to make sure our Panda Warriors Community is getting the best experience and benefits, making our project one-of-a-kind. Our team will be growing along with the project and the community.

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